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AI Is The New Big Data

I have a feeling that AI/ML is going to be the Big Data of 10 years ago - everybody thinks they need it, but they’re not sure why. It’s currently very fashionable to be an AI/ML play just like it was with Big data years ago, despite not having a problem that really warrants it. I’ve seen countless “big” data projects that cost millions, store and process tiny amounts of data.

Perhaps it’s because it gives the impression that a company is doing something (anything!) innovative, either driven by CTOs’ short-term incentives or maybe just because they want to be seen wearing this season’s new trends.

It’s probably just part of the wider trend of jumping on to what’s currently in vogue. It’s interesting seeing the big players do this every few years like Oracle or IBM: “We’re a database/services company! No wait, we’re a cloud provider! No wait, we’re an AI company!”.

It must be exhausting spending this much effort to remain relevant, but I’m sure it does wonders for their share price. And maybe that’s the point.

Has tech fashion gone too far?