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Jamie Skipworth

Technology Generalist | Software & Data


Elite - the venerable 80s space trader/shooter game is what I blame for getting me into computers, back in the day. Although I knew I’d never be able to reach the stratospheric level of boffinry the creators had, I thought I’d give a solid go anyway.

So as a kid in the 80s with no internet or compiler, I started with nothing but a DOS manual and an Amstrad 386 with the mass of collapsed star. I slowly learned batch scripting, BASIC programming and eventually what a terrible mistake I’d made.

Being quite curious and wanting to learn a bit more than what a single job title could offer, I’ve had several. Some of these titles & roles have included “data engineer”, “software developer”, “systems admin”, “the devops guy”, and “that bloody consultant”.

Perhaps I’m a sucker for punishment. Over the years I’ve had to wrestle unruly databases into submission, squash gremlin infestations, and slay multi-tentacled software abominations (and occasionally created them).

Mostly, I like to call myself a generalist - a swiss-army knife of tech skills, knowing enough about a lot, with broad experience across a bunch of industries and only mild emotional scarring.